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About LARM


The Latin American Relocation Management, or “LARM,” is Latin America’s leading network of relocation service providers. For the past thirty years, this group of 20 companies, in 19 locations throughout Latin America, have each provided exceptional relocation services to thousands of corporate and individual customers. Now, in an effort to broaden our scope of services and provide continuity, our companies have united under the umbrella of the Latin American Relocation Management organization to introduce total relocation management services for clients and customers moving into, around, and out of the Latin region. As an alliance of experienced relocation companies, LARM offers flexible, professional services and cooperation between members. From Mexico to the tip of South America, this means the best possible service for our clients and customers.

v    USA OFFICE     

Rita S. Hernandez, CRP

Managing Director


2148 Hacienda Terrace

Weston FL 33327

954-659-8438 office

954-659-8439 fax


e-mail: larm@larmgroup.com

Website: www.larmgroup.com

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