Panama's Natural Beauty

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Embera Indian Hunting on the Chagras River.

Kuna Women Making "Molas".

View from the Locamotive Cab on the Panama Canal Railroad.

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Panamanian Dancers in Traditional Dress.

Ex Patriots at Beech House

Rainbow Near Volcan

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Sunset over the Balboa Yacht Club.

Sunset in the Las Perlas Islands

The Bridge of the Americas

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Sailboat anchored near Ilsa Contadora

One of 360 Islands in the San Blas

Sunset in the San Blas Islands

Gamboa Resort.jpg (118777 bytes) Gamboa Gondola.jpg (204213 bytes) Sandra in RR Car.jpg (47340 bytes)

Gamboa Rainforrest Resort Hotel

Teleferico Gondola at Gamboa Resort

The new Panama Canal Railway

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