The Panama Canal

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Excavator in Cut.jpg (106017 bytes) Ancon in chamber.jpg (93077 bytes)

Admin Bldg.jpg (60546 bytes)

French Era Excavator in the Galliard Cut

The First Transit of the Panama Canal by the Ancon.

The Panama Canal Administration Building and Panama City

Chamber tour.jpg (53899 bytes)

A Tour of a Dry Lock Chamber.

Cruiseship enter gat lok.jpg (39447 bytes)

Small Cruise Ship Entering the Gatun Locks.

Gatun Locks.jpg (66403 bytes)The The Gatun Locks

McAuliffe.jpg (41374 bytes) Miraflor & Pedro Mig Locks.jpg (89712 bytes) Miraflores Locks & Ils.jpg (63894 bytes)

A Panama Canal Tug

Miraflores Locks

Miraflores Locks and Pacific Islands.

Cat w Tug.jpg (164546 bytes)

Pwr Yacht in Cham.jpg (50747 bytes)

Tourists in cham2.jpg (91422 bytes)

Catamaran in Lock Chamber with Two Tugs and Ship

Power Yacht in Lock Chamber

Tourists on Fantasia del Mar Tour

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