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The following Standardized Packages of services have been defined to meet the needs of most individuals and companies planning a relocation to or from Panama. Variations of these packages are easily arranged.

Exploratory Trip (One day)

Key Benefits:

Learn first hand the ease and security of living and doing business in Panama.
Develop initial points of contact for an eventual relocation.
Get the lay of the land.
Relocation information kit

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Preview & Orientation (Two or three days depending on requirements)

Covering the initial phase of the relocation for the company, employees, and their families. 

Key Benefits:

Location of temporary housing and business locations.
Establish essential business contacts and immigration processing.
Orientation to essential services like schools, hospitals, shopping and real estate.
Relocation information kit
Cultural Orientation

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House Hunting

The objective of this program is to help the transferee identify and acquire suitable comfortable housing according to company policy. The transferee is settled quickly and can concentrate on the work to be done sooner.

Key Benefits:

Preparation prior to arrival by identification of the requirements.
Area orientation tour for housing and (if necessary) schools.
Identification of properties that meet the specific price and accommodation requirements.
Assistance with  lease negotiation, inspections and "walk through" inspection.

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Getting Settled

Minimize the hassle and anxiety of getting settled.

Key Benefits:

Assistance in connecting utilities and making the required deposits.
Assistance in identification of and enrollment in the best schools for your children.
Assistance in obtaining bank accounts, a car, drivers license, healthcare, insurance, etc.
Cross cultural counseling for the new social and business environment.


Total Relocation

This package combines in one efficient package the Preview & Orientation, House Hunting and Getting Settled packages.

Key Benefit:

Lowers overall cost and settlement time.

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Once having settled in Panama you will have made deposits with various utilities, etc. We help with the recovery of these deposits and moving your household effects to your new location. 

Key Benefits

Recovery of Deposits
Coordination of Movement of Household Goods

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Office Relocation

The purpose of this program is to effectively and efficiently relocate your new offices in Panama.

Key Benefits:
A key benefit of the program is the one point project coordination including proper procedures, negotiations and follow up to have a smooth and effective move including:

Legal Assistance
Office Search & Lease Negotiation 
Workplace requirements (offices, workstations, safety standards)
Evaluation of alternative options (quotations)
New Lease
Lay Out Proposals (analysis and evaluation)
Time Plan and follow up schedule
Cabling (a/c, telephone lines, PC??s)
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Construction Engineering and Project Management